Statement Necklaces 2014

If you are wondering if you have invested too much money into statement necklaces, don’t worry about it. The trend in bold, attention grabbing pieces is still going strong and was everywhere you looked at this year’s fashion week in NY. Gaining real momentum over the past few years, statement necklaces are still filling out necklines all over the world. Again this year, this trend is showing no signs of waning and is basically on its way to becoming a fashion staple.
New at The Best Accessory, this stunning piece is all you will need
New at The Best Accessory, absolutely stunning, this gold and crystal Statement Necklace, will leave them speechless.


Weather you wear a statement necklace with a crisp white shirt and jeans for a casual date, a contrasting pop of color with a monochromatic work ensemble, or as an elegant touch to a formal dress for that special occasion, you can speaking loudly without saying a word.

This year's New York Fashion Week was the place to look for the latest and greatest in what's hot and new in the world of fashion. Without the extra punch of dynamic fashion accessories, many of these designer outfits would not shine quite so brightly. Some of the necklaces chosen to enhance this years designer creations will certainly go a long way in influencing trends for many seasons to come.

Silver Bohemian StatmentNecklace
The Best Accessory's take on this years Bohemian Chic Statement Necklace

Some of the different styles at this years New York Fashion Weeks, included collar, traditional, bohemian, and multilayered necklaces. There was an assortment of collar necklaces that were worn. They ranged from a very thin collar necklace that hugged the throat with a large crystal adorning the center, to the widest of collars that covered the entire neck of the wearer. The materials that were used in creating this collection of collar necklaces range from the hard surface of metal rings, to a soft and fuzzy necklace that rather resembled a fuzzy winter sock rolled down on an ankle.

The Best Accessory's Multi-layered Pearl and Chain Statement Necklace
The Best Accessory's Multlayered Pearl and Chain Statement Necklace

Some of these necklaces were worn in a multilayered look. Pearls were definitely the highlight of one particular necklace, which hung down to waist length and adorned a beautiful array of 10 strands hanging add different lengths.


Another breathtaking example of pearl showed in another multilayered look with the addition of crystals and non-traditional design on three separate strands. Other necklaces showed the less conventional side of NY fashion. From stiff wired pearls that extend from the wearer and float effortlessly in the air, to a necklace constructed out of flowers that offer a whimsical look to the outfit.

The Best Accessory's Beautiful Stone Flower and Chain Statement Necklace
The Best Accessory's Beautiful Stone Flower and Chain Statement Necklace

The fall predictions for the hottest jewelry creations will coincide with the prediction of the fashion trend moving to a country chic look for the fall. This will include western influenced styles and materials.

Cascading Crystal and Bead Necklace Set
From The Best Accessory this Statement Necklace features cascading shades of blue and chains, right on trend for the season.

The classic drop necklace will still be fashionable, but the new arrivals will be turning heads everywhere. The large and chunky style will thrive with a theme of large chains, but will remain snug around the neck area. Collar necklaces will adorn turquoise stones and dark crystals. A combination of all three elements of large chains, long length, and turquoise stones will be making appearances on the runway this fall.

Silver and Turquois Statment Necklace
From The Best Accessory, silver coiled links and turquoise, the perfect accent to that western ensemble

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