Rose Gold On Trend for Spring/Summer 2017

Rose gold accessories are set to add a unique and feminine touch for S/S 2017 accessories.  Modern and contemporary styles such as stackable rings, metal bangles and watches will create a nice alternative to summer metal options.



Making its first notable appearance in 19th century Russia, rose gold is made from a mixture of yellow gold and copper.  The intensity of color varies according to the ratio of yellow gold to copper. The more copper applied produces a deeper shade, less copper lighter shad. Its popularity in Russian caused it to be referred to by some as Russian gold. During the Victorian era, shades of pink were considered the color of romance and ultra femininity. Consequently, this gold became the metal of choice for this era marked by its celebration of romanticism. 

The next and most notable surge in popularity came in the 1920s. Rose gold was place back in the fore front of the fashion industry, by French Jeweler, Cartier. The Designer released  a signature ring called the Trinity Ring. Symbolizing mystery and harmony, the ring  was made up of three entwined bands: one rose that represented love, one white that stood for friendship and a yellow gold band that represented fidelity.

Rose gold's continued popularity during the wars period was driven by the military's large consumption of Platinum. This popularity that led to the metal becoming associated with tradition, keepsakes and family heirlooms during this sentimental period. 

In the 90s, rose gold popularity drop off sharply. In this more stylized era, the fashion industry was more about silver and white gold jewelry, made to set off a more crisp black and white contemporary trend. But that would not signal the demise of this beautiful metal.

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The current popularity of this classic metal is due to several factors and trends. The explosion of nude and blush tones in the fashion world right now has made rose gold the obvious choice to accentuate these new designs. Additionally, rose gold is a metal that seems appropriate for all ages, and possesses a hue that is complimentary to every skin tone. This metal long association with antiques and family heirlooms seems to be resonating with trends of traditionalism in the current culture and is sending consumers out in droves again to look for pieces to add the their keepsake collections.

Taking everything into consideration, major fashion retailers have invested in rose gold in a very big way for the upcoming seasons. This trend is strong for the S/S 2017 season and looks like it will remain so for the rest of the year at least.




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    Wow!. I live on an island and we don’t have much to choose from , other than Walmart and Target, so after living in L. A. All my life it’s so nice to see things of such beauty, and such craftsmanship, the leather is of great quality, I’m husband is going to hate that I found your store. Thank you for putting out things od class, beauty and hight quality. I hope to own one of these before I die lol,

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