Pashminas: Where Fashion & Function Meet

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The pashmina is one of the most popular accessories worldwide, and the reasons are clear: it’s simple, beautiful, functional and easy. Plus, there are almost an unlimited number of ways to wear it. It can elevate jeans and a t-shirt to a dramatic look, it can be a beautiful solution in chilly weather, and it can finish off an evening-wear look.

But if you’ve never gone beyond the shawl or shoulder toss styles, you’re missing out on this truly versatile piece. Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

The Mummy: This gorgeous look (shown above) is perfect for an evening out where you won’t have to do too much moving around.

Step 1) To leave your right arm free, start with the pashmina all the way open.

Step 2) Wrap the raw edge of the pashmina around your right shoulder

Step 3) Drape the full open pashmina around your left arm and across your back

Step 4) Loop it up over your right arm again. Tug and adjust to get the look stable and right.

The Kerchief: This is a more casual look that is perfect for covering up a low-cut top if you are going to dinner or a meeting. It also works for new moms who may be breastfeeding.

Step 1) Open up the pashmina shawl and throw it round your shoulders

Step 2) Drape the right side of the pashmina shawl over the left shoulder

Step 3) Drape the left side over the right shoulder

Step 4) Tie the ends of the pashmina shawl at the back

Infinity Loop: This style is one of my favorites, because it’s customizable to anybody. You can wear the loops high up on your chest or drape it low for a different effect, but either way, it’s a beautiful result.

Step 1) Start by folding the pashmina in half to form a long thin band

Step 2) Place the pashmina evenly around your neck

Step 3) Tie the ends of the pashmina near the bottom into a small, tight knot

Step 4) Place the knot halfway down the back and drape the loop at the front

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