Face your style.

Whether in high school, college or your circle of adult friends, we all know a woman who always looks pulled together. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a gala occasion or brunch with the girls, this particular woman has her “look” down pat, whether she has hours or just minutes to get ready. She accessorizes effectively and effortlessly. Ever wonder how she pulls it off? We’ll let you in on her secret: she’s decoded her face shape.

Oh, we all know if we’re apples or pears, what body part we love and which ones we hate. But the enviably styled woman goes further; she knows which types of accessories slim, balance and compliments her features, and she only buys jewelry that fits the bill. Imagine how easy accessorizing would be if you knew every single item you pulled out looked great on you. The good news is, with this handy guide, you can.

Oval: The oval face, being slightly longer than it is wide, has soft curves and features the same distance from hairline to eyebrows as nose to chin. This face shape is the easiest to accessorize, because there’s not really anything disproportionate about it—just be careful not to choose styles that can make the face appear to be overly long.
Jewelry Picks: This face can wear any kind of necklace style, from long and lanky to chunky, modern masterpieces. Scoop necklines and even high collars work beautifully. Avoid dangly, vertical or linear earrings, which can visually stretch the face. Classic hoops, chandelier earrings and pearls are your best looks, along with scoop necklines.


Square: The square face has a strong jawline, and is almost the same width at the forehead, cheeks and chin. Accessories should aim to soften the lines of this face and lengthen it, so that it appears more oval.

Jewelry Picks: Large, oval hoops and narrow chandelier earrings work best; avoid small or button-sized earrings, which add width to the face. A necklace with a strong U-shape and a pendant or other focal point draw attention to the neck and add curves to flatter the face’s angles. Sweetheart and scalloped v-necklines add lovely curves while still elongating the line, and flatter this face shape beautifully!

Round: The round face is curved, with the nose as the focal center, equal distance from all other points on the face. Flattering looks lengthen and add angles to this face.

Jewelry Picks: Longer necklaces that draw the eye down are ideal, especially ones with large pendants that form an attractive “V” focal point. For earrings, look for dangles, drops and angular hoops that are more long than wide. These trim the face visually and are great on curvy features. Deep v-necklines are so sexy for this face shape!

Heart:  With a wide brow and a narrow chin, the heart-shaped face tends to be delicate and cat-like. Shortening the jaw length and broadening the look of what can be a sharp chin are your jewelry objectives.

Jewelry picks: Short necklaces like chokers, collars and princess lengths break up the vertical lines of the jaw, and it’s even better if they have large beads or a bold pendant near the  base of the throat, to balance the slimmer chin with the wider brow. Short bib necklaces and omega chains look best. With earrings, seek styles that put the widest portion near the jawline, such as teardrops, hoops or fan-shaped earrings. Off-the-shoulder styles are gorgeous for this face shape!

Triangle:  A narrow brow and strong jawline means you have a triangular, or pear-shaped, face. Balancing the brow and softening the jawline are the main objectives with accessories.

Jewelry Picks: You’ll want to follow rules for square face shapes with your necklace choices, seeking to lengthen and add curves under the chin. Earrings are more tricky; button styles with vertical dangles add width above the cheekbone and but keep things trim alongside the jaw, the widest part of the face. Earcuffs and styles that curve up the ear are also good choices. Collared shirts and Queen Anne necklines are most flattering, but avoid turtlenecks or anything that shortens the neck.

Rectangular: Longer than it is wide, the rectangular or oblong face shape often accompanies a long, thin body. The accessory’s goal is to shorten the length of the face and make it look more oval.

Jewelry Picks: Post earrings, with their wide main bodies, are ideal for introducing horizontal elements to this story. Choker or collar necklaces, as well as necklines that mimic these styles, are also attractive choices. Big, curvy earrings are tops, too; look for ones that create the illusion of width.

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